Feb 2, 2014

'Never made it to the Bedroom..' Or even Melodifestivalen Final- We Luv'd Alvaro.

Well the race is Melodifestivalen kicked off in Malmo yesterday. As always there was some shocka televotes going on, and that superpower of Yohio. He managed to take Song 1- directly to the final with 'In the End' not an easy task, as David Lindgren (2013) & Ola back in 2010 proved.
Yet no other song or artist has taken song 1 directly into a grand final placing since the semi-finals began.

Comparing 'In the End' Vs 'Heartbreak Hotel' from last year, the new tune is slightly less annoying for me. Yet 'In the End' as a Eurovision entry for Sweden, I feel it may well bomb. Which brings us to poor Alvaro Estrella, now he did'nt bomb- he actually came 6th, and did a killer performance. I liked this George Michael-esque tune alot. I was just hoping swedes would be kind with the tele-votes.
However a very hard one to sing 'Live' so maybe it is best for our ole 'Melo playlists'. It will be intresting to see how this goes in the single charts as well- as with 'Casanova' but I think 'Bedroom' will make an impact over Elisa's schlager romp on the charts. So the future looks bright for AE.

So the rest was as expected Helena Paparizou's 'Survior'  did not quiet make the grade, however Andra Chance round may well be kind to Helena. If she can qualify I predict the international juries would just adore her song and performance, certainly Greece would give 12 points.

Then Ellen Benediktson is a real fantastic singer, so why has she got a less than average ballad to sing? ('Songbird')  I hope in another time, and place/or Melo contest, Ellen will do rather well. I think we have yet to see a real Melo winner.

There is still so much schlagertastic stuff to hear from the likes Sanna, Alcazar, Janet Leon and Linda Bengtzing plus newbies J.E.M + two Saade clones Oscar Zia & Anton Ewald.

Ohhh and the one, I am so looking forward to is the return of the amazing Princess of Schlager.

Miss. Shirley Clamp.  ( having Shirl' in Melo is almost like a Schlager Royal visit)

-OMG has overnight Yohio turned into 'One Direction' ?


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