Jan 31, 2014

Melodifestivalen Review It starts saturday in Malmo. with Yohio!


2014 promises to be a fantastic Melodifestivalen season and as Sweden has been hiden by a blanket of mid winter. The Spring party sounds and lights of Melodifestivalen are just around the corner for Sweden.
Last year produced & proved to be a wonderful year for the underdogs as two males singers who survived the second chance round in 2013.
Just went on to produce one of Melo biggest summer hits with Anton Ewald's 'Begging' it was almost une 'Cara Mia'  (Måns Zelmerlöw, 2007) - moment.
Then the historical winner Robin Stjernberg with 'You' never before has a second chance qualifier  gone on on to win Melodifestivalen 2013.
This for me shows how important it is for Sweden to make the right selections for each semi-final
so a potencial ESC winner does not get lost in the whole she-bang.
So just what will happen in 2014 starting in Malmo, where Eurovision 2013 left off, we have Yohio to kick of all the procedings in Semi  Final 1. I am so excited already..

Having heard all 8 tracks minute-clips, I think Helena Paparizou will do well but not convinced she will get an easy ride to the final or be part of Second Chance round. 'Survivor' is not a bad track, but certainly no winner. My three favourites are Elisa Lindstrom's 'Casanova' it's set to be one of the big 2014 Back-to-schlager tunes, and one of the songs you know will get regular repeats when the Melo 2014 CD arrives. As will Alvaro Estrella's electro song 'Bedroom' sounding almost like George Michael's nephew on this hit, I hope Alvaro makes second chance at least.Then there is some kempe magic with a swedish tune called 'Broder' we think Linus Svenning should bring in a heap of votes and likely to gain a Grand Final placing.
This first round promises some interesting tunes for starters, even if the two big names Helena & Yohio don't have the strongest of tunes this year... That's ok when you have Linus and Elisa as well as Ellen Lindstrom with 'Songbird', she is almost delivering the same 'Birds' theme produced in ESC 2013 by Netherlands classic song by Anouk. Watch out for this song also.

  In 2014 it looks set to be the year Le schlager came-back, fingers crossed.


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