Feb 20, 2014

What Happened- Our Schlager Shirl' is knocked out in Semi Final 3- Goteburg!

  The third Melodifestivalen semi-final, was we felt the weekest link of the Melo season.

The only good thing was we had one more wonderful piece of Kempe magic in the shape of the Saade clone Oscar Zia with 'Yes we can' the performance seemed to borrow a few on stage-tricks from Blue's 'I can'
performance at Eurovision Song Contest 2011.
Yet certainly the performance and tune of the night was rather superb. So Oscar took the teen 2014 girlie vote all the way to the final. If Ewald & Oscar make the final they could both split the teen voters and cause a few broken hearts.

Outrigger certainly had something different to offer as well, and I rather liked 'Echo' and the trash metal song in the cages. I was expecting them to go directly to the final. I prefered this to the State of (yawn) Drama's song 'All we are'

Then came Shirley Clamp, who gave one sizzling performance of one of the best songs for 2014 -with 'Burning Alive' Why this tune did not at least make the Second Chance- we will never know. Poor Shirl' I hope she will comeback again. Meanwhile we have the prospect of a Shirl'Less Melo Final.
Ohh and some chick called Ace Wilder qualified for the final with a song called....errr. 'Busy Doin Nothing' the song certainly was busy doin nothing for me.

Well Roll on, semi- final 4, with a list of stars like Alcazar, (hurrah) Linda Benggt zing, Anton Ewald begging for me success (+ Janet Leon)

"I can,          be Lee from Blue when I grow up"


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