Feb 8, 2014

The Return of Martin Linköping!

I am thinking this weekend could be one of the most exciting Semi-Final's for 2014. It certainly has two of the biggest stars in the swedish music scene, with the return of Sanna Neilsen, and then the mighty Martin Sternmarck. Last time we saw Martin with 'Las Vegas' at Melodifestivalen 2005, and although his entry did not do all that well in Kiev, it did launch his massive career in homeland Sweden.

Having these two stars, should mean an easy qualifing Mf final placing for both. Sanna is the favourite to win Melodifestivalen 2014 together with a Fredrik Kempe magical tune called 'Undo'

The winning songwriter's who brought us 'Euphoria' Peter Bostrom & Thomas G'Son. Have a new hit called 'Love Trigger' by JEM. Its a very 90's flashback dance tune, which may well be popular in Linköping but as a Eurovision Song Contest entry for Sweden, I think it could be a big mistake.

For the Second Chance' round I am going to tip JEM with Little Great Things' and/or 'The Refreshments' Their tune 'Hallelujah' is very caughty, I think having the Sanna/Sternmarck factor to compete may lose The Refreshment the mature audience tele-vote. It's always differcult to perdict what will turn out to be great songs from the SVT 1-minute previews available. I am expecting alot more from Sanna Neilsen in her full length version of her song. Martin Sternmarck sounds like his massive No:1 hits  "7milakliv" & "100 ar fran nu (blundar)" that can only we a good thing with the swedish voters.

Yet we all know how crazzy the votes can get in the semi-final rounds.


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