Feb 13, 2011

Sanna Nielsen is Goin Back to Schlager- and goes Direct to Globen

semi- final 2 from Goteburg on saturday turned out to be a win for schlager-dom With the fantastic Sanna Nielsen being the first artist to go direct to Globen with 'I'm so in Love' Brolle was the other song to make the final with 'seven days, seven nights'
However its Sanna who has put schlager back on the Melodifestivalen map- with an upbeat schalger stomper that some are calling the sister track to Charlotte's 'Hero'
Since Sanna's breakthough in 1996 with 'Til en fagen' the number one hit.

Sanna first appeared in Melodifestivalen 2001 when she came 3rd with a swedish ballad "Igar Igar" she has since make the Melodifestivalen final every 2nd year, in 2003, 2005 and 2007. In fact the songwriters of 2006 Melodifestivalen winning tune 'Evighet' (Invincible) had in mind Sanna Nielsen to sing this winnner until Carola came along to make her massive return to schlager form
Normally she sings a up-beat schlager in swedish, For the Melodifestivalen in 2008 she broke her tradition every second year performances with a exciting ballad this time "Empty Room" this finished a close 2nd place in Globen. So this is the personal best record Sanna has to beat in 2011. She is already on the way..

Loreen 'My heart is refusing me' & The Monkier ' Oh my god' both gained places in the second chance round- in Goteborg this weekend. While Christian Walz 'Like suicide' was a strong fifth placed song- That is proving to be the first big hit non-qualifier of 2011.

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