Feb 6, 2011

Ding Ding- Let's hear it for the boy, Danny- wins in round one

The first semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2011- had one show-topper from Nanne Gronvall singing 'I have nothing' -it was so fantastic to see Nanne back on Melodifestivalen stage we hope one year with the right song Nanne will return to Mf contest again. Until then Nanne confirmed her Schlager-Diva status in Lunea so well.
Meanwhile- Danny became the first to qualify for Globen with his Dance track 'In the club' as he was always a dead certainty for the final. Since he is so popular Danny will be a hit of the 2011 season- yet is this song really a perfect choice for Eurovision? I am not convinced. Then we got Swingfly just another chart hit in the swedish charts that would'nt work too well for Sweden in Dusseldorf - I think. So it certainly looks like a up-beat Melodifestivalen for 2011

One of the first qualifiers for the second chance was Percilla Andersson, a great tune- in fact one of the best on the night. Then what happened to Le Kidd- the performance and tune was certainly worthy of at least 2nd Chance round, it failed to gain the votes. Another causality was the summer-pop song from Jonas Matsson's 'On my own' the only consolation was he showed off his arm tatoos- this alone got one tele-vote from us.
Then came Jenny Silver, what a song! - her performance was nothing short of amazing... and the song everything you can expect from pure-schlager - for sure Bjorn and Benny will be checking their unsured back catalog- on hearing this song ('are you sure we did'nt do this one!' nan!) . This song just has to go to Globen,it made 2nd chance only 'Something in your eyes' is what swedes do best- Jenny was so worthy of that 2nd chance place at Globen.

I hope they do -Listen to their heartbeats' in Melodifestivalen this year, and don't get lost in just trying to be original and a bit different- this has so often not worked for Sweden.
What not we can ask ourselves? it worked well for Belgium's Tom Dice in ESC 2010. That's true but from Sweden the expectation will always be higher- as a leading musical market of Europe.

shades 'n' tatts of Jonas Matsson

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