Feb 5, 2011

Jenny does Schlager- and not just in Lulea! in denmark too?

It looks like a most exciting start to Melodifestivalen 2011- with the first semi final in Lulea. There has been a few review & rehearsals taken place. The top favourites at the moment is Danny of EMD, Pernilla Andersson, Jenny Silver. Jenny debuted in 2010 with 'A place to be' a Minogue-eque song that was one of the best of last year- yet missed out on qualifing outside the semi-final.
Now jenny has gone completely schlager with 'Something in your eyes' and with songwriting credits from Thomas G:Son who has brough us many schlager classics in the past.
With Freinds entry 'Listen to your heartbeat' & Carola's mightly 'Invincible' & 'Vem e du vill ha' back in 2002 for Kikki Lotta & Bettan. To name just a few- then last year for Denmark 'In a moment like this' that gave Denmark 4th place in Oslo 2010. So it's really no surprise to see G:Son featured twice with songs in Melodifestivalen 2011 ( he wrote Sanna Nielsen's I'm in Love')
As well as in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix over in Denmark -2 more songs choosen for the danes final in a few weeks.

The first reviews for Jenny silver's entry is a real return to G:Son form - just classic schlager with an Abba-like chorus- with an amazing key change, and even simular to a recent remix of 'Fantasy Island' Tight Fit's 80's hit - that we all adore. All this and a fab frock to boot!

ohhhh.. I feel a historical schlager-moment could well be born in Lulea on saturday.

check out this great clip & interview that reveals the new Jenny silver -look for 'Something in your eyes' (in fact in this clip-she looks almost like a swedish jennifer saunders!!)

Meanwile the danish Schlager G:Son entry is another 'Jenny'- with non other than 90's singer Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base- She recently started her own solo career as ole Ace of Base reformed in 2010- with two replacement girl singers. Ace of base- had been rumoured to take a song into Melodifestivalen/Eurovision for about the past 8 years - yet it just never happened. So maybe now Jenny-does-Schlager in MGP, they may at last take to the Eurovision stage -even if its one Ace of Base member..her song is 'Let your heart be mine' good luck- to both the Jenny's
for a possible Dusseldorf -schlager battle? who knows.

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