Jun 23, 2009

Schlager-Hero's 7-Magnus Carlsson/Barbados: Living Life FOREVER !

Magnus Carlsson grew up in Fristad outside Borås and has now taken part in Mf for an amazing seven times! He rose to fame as the lead vocalist with dansband Barbados. Magnus lead the band during their most successful years from 1992 up until December 2002. Barbados performed in Melodifestivalen three times, twice coming 2nd with 'Se mig' in 2000 & 'Allt som jag ser' in 2001 Again in 2002, with their Hit 'Världen utanför' coming 4th that year
Magnus Carlsson officially became a member of Alcazar in January 2003. Joining forces with his partner at the time, Andreas Lundstedt - Alcazar had a mega Hit with 'Not a Sinner, nor a saint' in Melodifestivalen 2003 finishing 3th. The tune became
one of the most famous favourite Mf Hits with the swedes. Alcazar following this went on to great international success with 'This is the world we live in' and others. In 2005 they came back to Mf with 'Alcastar' once again finishing in 3 rd place-
it seems we could all become a Alcastar...according to the No.1- Yet that autumn the band took a break and the 4-piece never came back together again!
On February 25, 2006 Magnus participated in Melodifestival Semi-Final in Karlstad with the song 'Lev livet' (Living Life) Written by Anders Glenmark & Niklas Strömstedt and finished 8th in the Globen final. In Melodifestivalen 2007, Magnus sung "Live Forever" just missed out on going direct to Globen yet became one of his biggest +Best Hits! . Magnus has focused on his solo career and Album 'Live Forever' proved him to be a great singer in his own right.
Magnus we salute you as a real Schlager Hero in the true Schlager tradition..
May Manus live forever in Schlager wonderland....

Barbados + Magnus Mf debut entry 'Show Me' in this rare english version

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