Feb 8, 2009

GOODBYE SHIRLEY ! & MARIE ! Please come back soon ! Hello to Emilia's new World

 Well as we guessed, the Schlager-Ambulance had more than one call out during Goteburg's Semi Final last night ! SHOCK Horror ! when Shirley Clamp's song did not make the choosen 5 songs, that went in to the dual play off's. As did'nt Marie Serneholt 'Disconnect Me' she gave us a debut performance worthy of any Grand Final + being Song 10- in the running order. Marie looked just  fantastic, as did her wonderful dancing boys - SEE Both LIVE Clips here on SVT.
                       Marie received consolation flowers afterwards from her Bf Mans Zelmerlow  following the basket of his dirty laundry she'd had presented to her on the artists sofa, during the Live show joke ! poor Marie we luv'd you.  The results gave ALCAZAR  the first D T G Ticket.
 The Scotts got '2nd Chance'

Then came the unexpected play off between Emilia 'You're my World' (who sang 'big big world'- in the 90's) & Caroline af Ugglas weird ditty called 'Snalla, snalla'  at this point alot of confusion came from the artists sofa. The Stars got up, only to sit back down looking puzzled! as the new Mf format seemed to have everyone confused. 
Then later a guy from the new 'International jury' came on stage, only to put Caroline's very un-eurovision style song into a 2nd 'second chance' play off to go Globen ( as song 11 !) althrough she is in '2 nd chance'  round, she can be picked from another second chance via the International Jury. To me this was more confusing as this new jury is put in place to choose a better Eurovision style entry, now both Marie & Nina (see them at Link) met this criteria very well. So what happened there?  

But what a fantastic show everyone gave 101% - Mf new format can only get better?

The Results;

Going to the Globen Final-
Alcazar "Stay the Night"    &   Emilia "You're my world" 
Going to 'Second Chance' round-
Scotts "Jag tror pa oss"     &   Caroline Af Ugglas "Snalla Snalla"

Going to International Jury Choice Round-
Caroline Af Ugglas "Snalla Snalla"

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