May 16, 2015

Vienna Favorites- Russia: +Introducting Kat Vinter (Australia)

                   One song that has grabbed alot of attention in Vienna during the rehearsals is Russia's 'A Million Voices' among a million ballads (well it seems like..) this song manages to really stand out from the rest at Eurovision Song Contest 2015.
The song is sung by Polina Gagarina, an actress, model and songwriter, who's family settled in Athens, Greece. She won Russia's Star Factory in 2003 and has since enjoyed a few hits and two best selling album in Russia. Polina is all set to impress the audience in Vienna, and I think she will just walk through Semi Final 1 to the Grand Final. If not, well with a name like Polina she is perfect to join the schlager team 'Dolly Style' (who need a new girl- I believe)

                  Just behind Polina on stage will be another powerful new artist from Australia no less! and one of the main songwriters of 'A Million Voices' so Guy Sebastian will not be alone at all.

           -Kat, is she counting how many 12 points can my song get in Vienna?

Kat Vinter (Katrina Noorbergan) is from Sydney, Australia, she has done alot of dance-trance tunes vocals in past few years. As well as being a singer/songwriter in her own right. Kat's recent massive claim to fame, is that she has co-wrote 9 songs for Lena (Satellite, ESC 2010) brand new album 'Crystal Sky' This is Lena's fourth album and seems to be a change in direction for luvly Lena, and should go down well in Europe this month. (We Luv Lena)

This year Russia seem to have really come up with a very strong song, powerful that looks like a serious contender for the Eurovison title. Who can really forget just last year at Eurovision 2014- with all the negative press, and audience reaction in Copenhagen.  Russia's song 'Shine' was not, I felt  a strong memorable song yet was still placed in 7th place with 89 points.
This year looks to be very different we think, and with some aussie magic anything could happen. It is Eurovision after all, and already that Top 5 scoreboard looks rather crowded to me!

Check out some more tunes by songwriter Katrina (Aussie) here:

                              I am Polly- 

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