Nov 22, 2010

Jenny Silver Returns with added Schager-Power

Who can forget the amazing performance of Jenny Silver last year with her excellent tune 'A Place to stay' - check out the vid.
slowly gained a place in schlagertunes Top 10 from 2010. It was very minogue-eque and that is wonderful. Jenny is confirmed with more Artists for the first 2 semi-finals - Names like Brolle, he is a massive singer in sweden. Who has been rumoured
to be doin' Melodifestivalen for the past couple of years..finally 2011 is his time. If you have not heard from him before - expect he may well have the same impact that 'Darin' had this year in the competion.
La Kidd- a NEW five-piece Perfect-Pop group who remind me of a cross between Same Difference vs. Aqua ( muchmore on them later) they will sing 'Oh my God'.

OMG indeed with -More excitement, to find out Jenny silver's tune 'Something in your eyes' is co-wrote by Thomas G:son who has certain spread schlager-magic over to Denmark's 'In a moment like this' Eurovision entry this year- as well as 'Listen to my heartbeat' by Freinds in 2001. Plus far too many more tunes to mention.

We still await more names in the second batch of Semi's songs from SVT heatquarters very soon..and if the rumour is true
Jenny will not be the only class of 2010 coming back for more- The people's wet choice Eric Saade - could be back
to try once more...?

Now that's gotta be a good thing..even bring your bollie along to Mf 2011-just in case there could be a shower!

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