Nov 27, 2010

How the first 2 Semi-Finals of Melodifestivalen 2011 are looking......

-Danny -song 2

Luleå semi-final-5th Feb
1- Desperados - Roy Andersson
2- In The Club - Danny
3- Me And My Drum - Swingfly
4- Oh My God - Le Kid
5- On My Own - Jonas Matsson
6- Social Butterfly - Rasmus Viberg
7- Something In Your Eyes - Jennifer Silver
8- Try Again - Dilba

It looks like an interesting opening semi final- for me the highlight could well be 'Something in your eyes' As this has the promise of being a schlager anthem with time! As far as popular artists. Dilba-she has been very big in sweden during the 90's and ready for a big comeback. Danny from EMD is returning to his club electro roots, as he has had European success bout 5 years ago- & hopes to repeat this in Mf if 'In the club' is as good as his old hit 'Tokyo' he should be a Globen certain hit. Plus lets not Rule out Jonas Matsson (web-joker) & newbie popsters La Kid.

-Brolle -song 7

Göteborg semi-final-12th Feb
1- Elektrisk - Anniela
2- Ge mig en spanjor - Babsan
3- I'm In Love - Sanna Nielsen
4- Like Suicide - Christian Walz
5- My Heart Is Refusing Me - Loreen
6- Oh My God! - The Moniker
7- Seven Days & Seven Nights - Brolle
8- Vaken i en dröm - Elisabeth Andreassen

Strangely for this Semi 2 we have an odd number of big stars with Sanna, Elisabeth Andreassen & Brolle you would think they would be at Globen final. So will one of them have to use the 2nd Chance round perhapes, and who will need to do that?. Loreen & Babsen look like the strongest outsiders. With the right tunes there can be more than one schlager-battle on here ! Sanna always gives her best & with her track record in recent years - I hope Sanna wins this one. ( and not just cus sanna has confirmed at least one key change in 'I'm in Love')

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