Nov 25, 2010

'Charlotte Perrelli say No'- to the song for her in Melodifestivalen 2011

This week the press over in Stockholm have gone crazy with Melodifest'Stories one of the biggest was that- Svt had dropped Charlotte Perrelli for 2011! Thankfully Charlotte came
forward to but the schlager facts right t'other morning.

Charlotte was our Hero' back in 2008, and its been no secret that she adores Melodifestivalen. However she has always been clear both times when she has taken part as a singer- it was all 'bout a fantastic song! just perfect for Ms Perrelli. According to the press 'Something in your Eyes' was wrote with Charlotte in mind. This new song is said to be an abba-inspired dansband tune, so Charlotte felt it did not fit at all with her current music style. As well as fitting in with her new studio album due out in 2011. ( yipppy)
So Jenny Silver was the schlager-saviour to perform 'Something in your eyes' composed by Erik Bernholm, THomas G:Son & Henrik Sethsson. We cannot wait to hear this song, it sounds like just what we need for the new Melodifestivalen. Its a shame Charlotte Perrelli did not take the challenge this time. According to the news she will never say 'never again' (Agnetha & Tomas Ledin, 1983 hit) to Melodifestivalen.
Charlotte has won two times Melodifestivalen & sung 'Take me to your heaven' in 1999 winning Eurovision for Sweden that year.
That is a most impressive track record
- so how do you follow that?

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