Feb 14, 2010

Will there be a Melodi CHART ATTACK for Singles Released in 2010?

this is Bjørn Johan Muri from Melodi Grand Prix, his song 'Yes man' finished
fourth in the final now he is the nations No:1. Its rather strange synth pop track with great hook, and
as we take a early look at the latest singles charts in Scandinavia. Yes Man has
managed to keep their MGP winner Didrik Solli-Tangen with
'My heart is yours' off the top spot in Norway (No:2) . A1 ( MGP runners up ) is
up to chart position 4. Another favourite Venke Knutson who has shot into
the Top 5 at 5- with 'Jealous 'cause I love you' -I agree this is a great
track stands out for me after the MGP Finale.

Meanwhile over in Sweden Melodifestivalen has begun with a bit of a ripple
in the SverigeTopplisten Chart. We follow this chart each season, as a landslide
of Mf Songs will normally take over the Top 20 by the time
Globen Final comes around in March.
Its good to see how the results in the Mf show translate to
the public buying the
studio releases as they come available in Download & CD releases.

This week we find Darin & Agnes are sticking around in the charts with
their recent big hits at No:25 & Darin's Coldplay cover at No:32. Yes there
is a one Mf 2010 song here 'New' at No:27
its Linda Pritchard surely on her way to be the
hit of the first Semi final- Only where is Jenny Silver's 'A place to Stay'?

just stay schlagertuned

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