Feb 14, 2010

two More Manboy's Go Direct to Globen

Last night was a full of tears and champagne in Sandviken,
after the second semi-final.
As expected Eric Saade with 'Manboy' was first off the ranks to go
into the Globen final, and
what a great performance he gave. He certainly reminde me of a
new Mans Zelmerlow, so it was ironic that Mans chatted to him
before presenting his winning reprise. Asking what is a Manboy?- or Eric should have said 'well you tell me Mans? !'
Nanne Gronwall has been quote as saying Eric is the act
to beaten so far in the Globen final, according to this schlager-diva
"he is the most dangerous, but may not win the prize !"
certainly dangerous he is with all that water and
AC/DC mix in his act. Along with Andreas Johnson's latest
"We can work it out" they both won the night, and celebrated until dawn.
There was some excellent songs, in this semi perhapes a little different.
All in all much better than semi 1, one such highlight
was 'Manipulated' very much in the vien of Lady Gaga-
I luved this tune and performance.
its just a real shame Hanna
got knocked out! while Pauline's 'Sucker for Love'
and the folk tune 'Underbart' by Kalle
Moraeus & Orsa went to 2nd Chance. So far we have an all male final -
Svt really are now Holding out for a Hero!

Nanne's reviews on Semi Final 2- are so true.

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