Feb 13, 2010

What's happening in Sandviken for Melodifestivalen 2010 part two.

Sandviken show promises another fantastic night! with something missing... and we know Rolph won't be with us. But hey, where is the schlager?

we learned
how this year's Mf 2010 will have fewer big artists more new stars.
Thankfully this week, we do have Eric Saade
with 'Manboy' & the 'Highlights' have done a decent dansband-mix
on that web-joker tune by MiSt.

Thats bout all the schlager we can expect! our Mf hosts Mans & Christine will do their very own dance number for us-
we hope for key change or two from them. This could be turn out to be the highlight
of the show along with Eric's shower scene. Kalle & Orsa do have a very promising
folk song which should do very well, the song 'Underbart' however as we have seen in
years unless your name's Nordman folk does not always go on to Globen.
Lets listen & remember still its all bout the song. ( and finger pointing)

Here is songs and artists.that will appear.

    hear STV song clips here

  1. Eric Saade - Manboy

  2. Andra Generation Dogge - Hippare Hoppare

  3. Anne Marie Espinosa - Innan all ljusen brunnit ut

  4. Highlights - Come & get me now

  5. Pauline - Sucker for Love

  6. Andreas Johnson - We can work it out

  7. Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelman - Underbart

  8. Hanna Lindblad - Manipulated

Hanna Lindblad a Leather routine

the spunk of the night Andreas Wistrand from Highlights

" at last- at least some finger pointing"

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