Mar 14, 2015

Melodifestivalen Final 2015- Who will fly the swedish flag in 2015?

I am certain, there has never been a Melodifestivalen final with so many popular male singers ready to take the prize and that ticket all the way to Vienna. If we stop and compare 2015 to last year's final, I feel that it was alot more wide open,  yet there seemed to be only one certain winner with Sanna Neilsen' 'Undo'. Yet in the Melo history we know not always the best song wins, and so often a potential eurovision success is swept aside. This can happen, and certainly not due to a swedish public vote even the international jury can sway the final scoreboard the other way and in the wrong one direction.

So I think, yes Mans is the glory-ticket for the swedes to go to Vienna with  "Heroes" this tune has instant appeal, while also not being not the average schlager-anthem we have heard before. This song is so right for Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in my option. We know just how much a killer-smile can take an artist far in this Euro-fest and Mans has that too. Since the opening bars of 'Cara Mia' in 2007 he has been so perfect, and he has'nt changed only matured.

Yet there are great alternatives to 'Heroes' in Melodifestivalen 2015, with Eric Saade,
Jon Henrik Fjallgren, and Mariette as a strong outsider. Also I think Samir &Viktor will pick up alot of public favour when it comes to the voting. Jon Henrik can give Mans a run for his money but I think this style of song will not translate well in Vienna, and could even stay in the semi finals... So I hope Sweden do not pick him, Eric would do better and as well Mariette although these tunes will do well they are not likely to pull of a win...
My current Top 5 from the Melodifestivalen is as follows:

Måns Zelmerlöw- Heroes
2 Magnus Carlsson- Mot mig i Gamla Stan
3 Eric Saade- Sting
4 Midnight Boy- Don't say No
5 Dinah Nah- Make me (La la la)

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