Mar 5, 2015

Guy Sebastian for Australia! Wow, what a choice!

Guy Sebastian was revealed on SBS just in the last hour.....

What a great choice, a big opportunity for Guy Sebastian to take his career into international status. Plus Guy has always been a performer that has such alot of postive energy as well as huge confidence in his fantastic voice. After winning a early Australian Idol 2003 he has gone on to become a household name in his homeland.

To Guy's credit he has had minor hits in Germany and hit No :2 in Norway with 'Battle scars' Yet back home he remains the only male artist to have six number ones singles. As well as no less than six platinum selling albums since 2003.

During the press interview Guy Sebastian was very up-front about the new song choice- in that it will be a song from his latest album released in November 2014. This is understandable as to come up with a brand new song they have only a matter of a few weeks left, it is almost impossible.

At the press interview Guy seems to be keen to present a 'ballad' more than a up-tempo dance number- there are 2 or 3 slow tempo songs on his new album 'Madness' The title track 'Madness' is one, the other I think is- 'One of Us' I actually downloaded 'Elephant' a simple tune I like more than these other more commercial choices-
So SBS if you're listening I think with the right staging this could be the one?

check his song out and see what you think??

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