May 5, 2013

My Favourites For Malmo 2013- Italy and Marco Mengoni

           For the past 6 weeks schlagertunes has been on a break, moving in fact and then for the past 3 weeks we have been without internet! can you imagine that? Ok better not it's too painful.
           During this time it was back to basics in more ways than one, for once I played the new Eurovision 2013 CD in full and tried to judge my options on the song merits along, apart from a few National Final clips I had seen... it was like the old days. Let's not forget the Eurovision music of the 70's and even early 80's were nothing more than a song heard on the radio station, for me growing up in UK. The BBC radio stations rarely played the songs and singles that did'nt successed in winning the contest!
 I even recall actually buying vinyl versions to just hear the music at all.

           So here is my early impressions from the recorded music tracks only, in no particular order for starters:
 Italy's Marco Mengoni with 'L'Essenziale' this song is fully sung in Italian. A trend stronger than any other Eurovision contest since the laugauge rule change back in the late 90s I am sure.
            This tune is not a give-away Eurovision style, jam packed with emotion. Since their comeback to Eurovision -Italy have sent only orginal quality songs from their own San Remo competition. Only for Baku last year the italians in their wisdom choose a more Eurovision sounding choice for the San Remo winner Nina Zilli. It worded very well however for 2013 we get nothing more than this amazing
 wonderful San Remo tune L'Essenziale' that won San Remo this year.
 I found that 'goose-bumb factor' on my second hearing... a great sign.

 I hope Marco will 'stand out' as this song and artist has winner or Top 3 -written all over it, oh and he loooks very cool as well
He did an interview here too- very funny...he seems to have some of the same charm
we found from Germany's  Lena back in 2010 - when she sang her version of Boyzone's 'No matter what' at the Oslo press-conference- What a Eurovis'moment that was..


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