May 18, 2013

Favourites for Malmo 2013- We do believe in Bonne for UK & Anouk from NL

                                             This may well be my final pick of favourites for Eurovision 2013 .. yet it certainly is'nt a case of  last but least. Far from it, in fact I have only 2 picks from Eurovision's Big 5 finalists this year -with Italy's Marco and UK. I also like Germany's Cascade song 'Glorious' and while this tune is not a rip of 'Euphoria' it is very simular in style and production so I think may be a big disadvantage in the Grand Final.
                                           I do like Cascada as a dance artist- but Malmo 2013 is all about  one international name Bonnie Tyler.
The return of an 80's diva and a wonderful personality as well, I wonder why she never got involved in Eurovision before? it certainly sounds like the Beeb had no problems getting Bonnie on board for 2013.
The story goes they popped around said 'will you do it?' Yes- Ok just pick a track off that new album..and we have 'Believe in Me'
                                      So the song it is a hit single, a grower of a tune. It certainly did'nt grab me on first hearing yet I have every faith that Bonnie Tyler will nail it on the Grand final night. A winning song? hmmm... I cannot be sure, Malmo is going to be a bit like Dusseldorf I think, we really have no clear favourite. Denmark maybe, but look what happened to France the favourite of 2011. I think Denmark may just make it this year. Maybe as 'Running scared' did for Azerbaijan back then the winner may win from the most scores instead of the most 12 pointers.
                                   Who could give us a surpise winner? it could be our Bonnie or even Anouk with her 'Birds'
it's going to be a cliff hanger whatever happens...

  Just how far can this 'Bird' fly in ESC 2013? Or will she fall from the sky?


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