Aug 20, 2011

Schlager Pop: 3- Dschinghis Khan -or Genghis Khan

Dschinghis Khan- are a german pop-group formed by schlager guru Herr Ralph Siegel back in Eurovision 1979 in Jerulsam.
A perfect example how a 6-piece band could find great success based on one-tune in Eurovision Song Contest. The song also titled 'Dschinghis Khan' sung in german - a-tribute to the historical leader, a tune in the style of Boney M- of the same times.
The group built on this Eurovision success having not even won the contest- in fact 'Dschinghis Khan' finished in 4th place for some reason. They found success in many european countries as well as Australia & Japan selling in the region of 20 million records during their whole career. One of the biggest hits being 'Moscow' that stayed at No:1 in Australia for an impressive 6-week run in 1980.
Over the group's histroy their has been many line-up changes, however back in 79 the original members were:

Edina Pop: from Hungary and no stranger to eurovis-hits she had a hit already singing 'knock knock who's there?' in german in 1971.

Wolfgang & Henriette Heichel: a married couple that were both former dentistry students no less- who had turned to singing, composing & producing music.

Lesley Mandoki: from Hungary a jazz musician who went over to schlager-pop

Louis Potgieter: from South Africa- dressed in a crown & cape with a long beard was the 'dancing Khan' of the band -he returned back to South Africa in the 90's and
later died of HIV at only 43- he remains the iconic Khan of the group and remembered as such.

Steve Bender: the bald guy in the group- his daughter Melanie sang with Mekado who sang for Germay in 1994 "Wir geben ne Party" he died in 2006 from cancer and is sadly missed in the band.

Louis- Genghis Khan

Dschinghis Khan never returned to the Eurovision stage - during their career except in 1986
they did try in the Germany Pre-selection with another Ralph Siegel tune 'Wir gehor'n zusammen' called 'Dschinghis Khan Family' they finished runner up to Ingrid Peters. A very dsifferent line-up & sound from the hits 'Hadschi Haref Omar' 'Moskow' 'Rom' & 'Loreley'
of the early 80's.

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