Aug 13, 2011

Schlager Pop History part two - Jürgen Marcus

Jürgen Marcus- became a popular Schlager artist of the 70's & 80's - who had over 23 hit schlager hits in Germany alone - and became a regular singer on ZDF Tv music shows.

He was born in Herne, and started out as a locksmith no-less - however thankfully today he lives in Munchen, Germany with his partner Nikolaus.

Jürgen's main Eurovision claim-to-fame was infact singing in french for Luxembourg back in Eurovision Song Contest 1976

at Deen Haag. The song 'Chansons pour ceux qui S'Aiment' was perfect for Jürgen- he

only managed a low 14th place.

In the charts he had much greater success the year before in the German Pre-selection. This song was on the german charts for 26 weeks and made No: 3 - placed only 9th in the German Pre-selection- the song was 'Ein Lied zieht hinaus in die welt' ( we much prefer his haircut as well that year!)

In 1975 Joy Fleming won the place to sing for Germany. Yet the artists in the '75 lead-up to Eurovision featured Severine (1971 Monaco winner) Peggy March(2nd) Katja Ebstein (5th) Mary Roos & Marianne Rosenberg singing the now legenary song 'Er gehort zu mir' (10th place)

After a break from Eurovision Jurgen came back to sing in the Pre-selection of 1982- another tough year to find success as Nicole won the honour that year However the song 'Ich Wurde Gerne bei sein' came 5th this time, certainly over these years Jurgen has made his

own mark in schlager-history.

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