Jul 7, 2011

State of SAADE - Vol 1 - As Eric takes on the World

The Eurovision Contest has been a spring board for many artists over the
past 50 -odd years. However today in 2011 its become more common place, that you don't need to win this European extravaganza to find international success. Remember Baccara, Gina G, Tomas Ledin, Anna Vishy & Sakis Rouvaas from Greece they all found huge success after Eurovision. Most artists who gain a Top 5 placeing can be assured today- they are sure to gain at the least a large new fan base, and not just back at home.
Eric Saade is one such name, he came on a mission to put Sweden back in the Eurovision Top league of countries for 2011. This he achived puting Sweden in third place in Dusseldorf- just what Dr.Kempe (song writer) ordered in Melodifestivalen 11. After missing out with 'Manboy' last year- Eric Saade worked hard on making him a domestic pop sensation in Sweden- so now he has matured & moved from boy to man.
Eric is so full of talent, he is just ready to go-pop! & this he has done with the digital release of
'Eric Saade Vol 1'

Now Eric Saade has released his 2nd studio album -It's called Vol 1 -And will be followed by Vol 2 a follow up of 10 more tracks from Eric before Christmas. An idea that worked well recently for Robyn with her recent international release in 2 parts.
the lead single is 'Hearts in the Air' this is for me even better than Eric Saade's offering than Eurovision' Popular' single- It's interesting to note 'Hearts in the air' feat J-Son rapper- is also a 3 min song that suggests it may have been wrote with Melodifestivalen in mind- I am not sure
it's amazing to find out that Eric has been getting only some luke warm reviews to the album in Sweden -could this may have something to do with the very international-feel to the new tunes And certainly the 'Hearts in the Air' vid has a very American feel as well for a Eric Saade Video.
This album for me is a worthy follow up to ' Masquerade' his debut album. That I have been playing to death.. other great news is...

As a follow on from the brilliant interview with Danny 2weeks back on Melbourne's Joy Fm show Cafe Latte- will have an interview Alan Ross did with Eric Saade all bout his new album & songs- stay tuned for more info on that I will be listening that sunday for certain. In next 2 weeks (17th July)

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