Jan 15, 2011

Melodifestivalen -with new voting Rules in the Globen Final 2011

-Eric Saade has a 2nd chance at Eurovision glory, will the new voting help him in 2011?

Over in Sweden there has been lots of discussion going on- as New voting rules have been brought in.

The changes to Melodifestivalen voting for 2011.
A normal 11 jury will give a total of 473 points. The juries will be ALL international juries giving their votes from 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points, as per normal. This has seen over the past 3 years the concept of foreign juries has gone from 1 (2009) to totally taking over from any swedish regional jury. Then the public televote percentage has been reduced by 26%, so the swedish public has less of an influence on the Winner.
If we took away the regional juries input from 2010 Globen Final from the then 5 international juries from Greece, France, Ireland, Norway, Serbia & Russia. The likes of SalemAl Fakir, Eric Saade & Andreas Johnson songs would have been in the Top 3 scoreboard- with no sign of Anna' This is my Life' winner. Then with a reduced swedish TeleVote added to the final mix- we would have seen Salem Al Fakir's 'Keep on Walking' the winner (he came 2nd) with perhapes runner -up of Eric Saade's 'Manboy'- A very different result indeed, yet I think Eric Saade (or Timoteij) -would have still been a 'perfect choice' in Oslo, Salem's song is rather excellent for me, but still would have carried no lesser risk of making Eurovision Song Contest final last year than Anna Bergendahl turned out to be last year. So how will a Sweden/international' entry do in Germany? keep your schlager dial here to find out...

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