Jan 29, 2011

it's the Schlager-Countdown week to go til the curtain falls in Lulea

Dilma was a 90's favourite in sweden- she has the task of opening Melodifestivalen in 2011.
Song 1- 'Try Again' has not always meant success, until recently.
Back in 2007 Elin Lanto sung her 'Money' 2008 Face-82 - 'alla gamla x'
2009 Nina Soderquist rocked us with her 'Tick tock' -All of these did'nt manage to get a place
in Globen final! (Elin did get into 2nd chance round) This all changed last year as the almighty Ola sung 'Unstoppable'- he was certainly that - finishing 7th place in the final and going on
to have one of Sweden's top singles for 2010.

For this year for starters in the New 'internationale Mf'-we have Danny from EMD with his dance tune 'In the Club' he has the last song advantage next saturday in Lulea. Looking at the songwriting credits, (as the songs have yet to be revealed by Svt) we think we should see the schlager-vote pullers in songs from La Kid & Jenny Silver & Danny. One to watch is the best web-joker ever we think Jonas Matsson's 'On my own' (well in the last 2 years)
this tune could be the first web based tune to move out of a semi-final round.

Meanwhile Dilma has a rather excellent single out -Check out 'I'm sorry' - her old hit given a fresh mix with DeeJay Jay. Great
very everything but the girl-eque

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