Dec 4, 2010

JEDWARD for Eurovision -Yes! and they got SchlagerT's vote already

Its true, Jedward the twins who set the X-factor contest into a frenzy, wanna continue with Eurovision in their sights for the next Jed-conquest. The twinz Edward & John rose to fame from UK X-factor now they have confirmed they will be part of the irish selection for 2011. They had a 2009 No;1 hit in homeland Ireland with 'Under pressure (ice ice baby)'
& have gained an army of Jedward fans.
This is part of a new process of Ireland's Eurovision selection where 5 music mentors from the irish music scene will be a choosing an artist a song each to compete in a final on 11th February 2011 Live on the 'Late Late Show -Eurosong' We think certainly with that right song Jedward have that special real Euro-Star quality- Eire needs.
It seems this is not a recent developement for the boys in fact Louis Walsh (X factor judge) spoke out at the end of Eurovision 2010 in Oslo -just how he felt that Jedward would be great for Eurovision

Then there has been on-going facebook pages to see Jedward in Eurovision since
last year.
It would fit well in the plan for the twins to go international , they are currently being launched in Japan. Then a chance to go Dusseldorf in 2011 would be perfect.

I even confess to having the 'Planet Jedward' album, somewhere...gulp!

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