Dec 4, 2010

After 13 years away- ITALY is offically in for EUROVISION-DUSSELDORF 2011

Well first up it was Austria, now- we have the fantastic-o-news that Italy have just met the deadline of last friday to submit applications with the EBA for Eurovision 2011. So that means they are down to take part, as long as they do not pull out before the end of this month! Yet broadcaster Rai say there is no reason why Italy would pull out.
It has rumoured for the Italian entry they will have their current X-Factor winner Nathalie Giannatrapani.
Italy has won Eurovision twice in 1990 & 1964, and been present almost non-stop from 1956- 1997 ( except 2 short breaks at start of 80s & 90s )Many of Italy's major stars have taken part thu these years -Domenica Modugno, Ricchi E Poveri, Franco Battiato, Romina Power & Al Bano, Umberto Tozzi & Raf, Mia Martini, Matia Bazar and Gigliola Cinquetti (above) she sung one of the greatest winners ever with 'Non Ho L'eta' in 64.
(this is a classic -schlagertunes often play today)

Then Gigliola Cinquetti came back and almost stole Sweden's Abba glory in 1974 finishing 2nd with 'Si' . In english 'Go (before you break my heart)' was the song that year.

-That original '1974 Eurovision Scoreboard'- Italy finished on 18 points. (abbaworld)

Eurovision Tv announced 'We are eagar to show the Italian people how Eurovision has developed over the past 13 years- And feel sure they will be postively surprised' its wonderful they have made the journey back..another original country missing is Luxembourg who last took part in 1993. They cannot say they have not been successful- as they are a small country with 5 Eurovision winners, last time in 1983 with Corinne Hermes. It's perhapes too late for Luxembourg next year but we hope they will return one year soon also.

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