Jun 26, 2010

Schlager Hero 9 - its Tommy Seebach from Denmark (feat. 'Hot Eyes')

Tommy Seebach who during the 70s/ 80s became Denmark's one and only
King of Schlager- During his long career he released over 20 albums
and sold millions of albums & singles in Scandinavia. He was a renowned producer
for the lable EMI Denmark.

..back then- You had to own one of thoses cane chairs!!

Tommy found time to form the Pop 80's band Hot eyes (Kirsten & Soren) who managed to be the only band
to sing in Eurovision Song Contest no less than 3 times- each time for Denmark

  • 1984 - Det' lige det (Music: Søren Siggard Text: Keld Heick ) finishing 4th in Eurovision Song Contest
  • 1985 - Sku' du spørg' fra no'en? (Siggard, Heick) finishing 11th in Eurovision Song Contest
  • 1988 - Ka' du se, hva' jeg sa'? (Siggard, Heick) finishing 3th in Eurovision Song Contest

Also HOT EYES ( Kirsten and Søren) tried for the Eurovision two other times in the Dansk MGP song contest;

  • 1986 - Sig det, som det er (Music: Søren Siggard Text: Keld Heick ) finishing 4th in Dansk MGP
  • 1987 - Farvel og Tak (Siggard, Heick) finishing 5th in Dansk MGP
Meanwhile Tommy Seebach had his own breakthough back in 1977 with a hit album 'Tommygum'
he followed this up with his own European big hit 'Disco Tango' which became the first of
three entry's for Eurovision Song Contest glory by Tommy himself once as a duet with Debbie Cameron. During this time Tommy wrote and performed no less than 8 entries for Dansk MGP as well as becoming an 3 time winner. Here they all are:

  • 1979 - Disco Tango (Music: Tommy Seebach Text: Keld Heick ) won MGP- finished 6th in Eurovision
  • 1980 - Bye-Bye (by pop girl duo Lecia & Lucienne (later became 80's band Laben. (Seebach, Heick)
  • 1981 - Krøller eller ej duet with Debbie Cameron (Seebach, Heick) finished 11th in Eurovision
  • 1982 - Hip hurra det min fødselsdag (Music: Vivian Johansen & Seebach, Text: Heick)
  • 1984 - Pyjamas for 2 (Seebach, Heick)
  • 1985 - Det der jeg altid har sagt (Seebach, Heick)
  • 1987 - Det' Gratis (Seebach, Heick)
  • 1993 - Under stjernerne på himlen ( Seebach, Heick )- finished 22nd in Eurovision

The sad end to the 'Tommy's Schlager Story' is he is no longer with us he died in March 2003. As known problems with alcoholism lead to his death at only 53 from a heart attack at amusement park 'Bakken'
Yet musically he does live on with recent success of one of his son's Rasmus Seeback riding high in the Swedish top ten in 2010

the saga continues stay tuned....

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