Jan 26, 2009

The ABBA History Book on the shelf, really did repeat itself ! As the girls Except a 'Lifetime Achievement' ROCKBjornen !!

Agnetha Faltskog (58 ) & Anni-Frid Lyngstad Reuss( 63 ) very rarely make any public appearences, so the girls who sung 'Waterloo' back in 1974.
Shocked the swedish public by taking to the stage to except ABBA's Lifetime achivement Rockbjornen ( Rockbears-Swedish Grammis ) This kind of award is so often excepted by Bjorn & Benny now-a-days.

This amazing event missed alot of international News reports and a few Abba fan site gave a full report. Yet a detailed 'english' report from Aftonbladet can be found HERE PLUS a swedish Agnetha Radio interview with many recent pics HERE

What the Abba girls gave was so much more than an acceptance speech, LIVE on stage a 10-minute interview followed. This most interesting chat from the girls revealed, they were always good Friends never enemies. In the bands hey-day although they lived the high life travelling and on tour they always returned home to domestic washing up and cooking.

Frida really put Agnetha on the spot a bit, when she said 'I always wanted to ask you if we could make an album together !' They both laughed & Agnetha explained it was difficult to be motivated today to make music when they have private lives now far removed from the music scene. Agnetha did reveal she still writes songs herself, and listens to Laleh & Robyn at home, Frida added she has been a big Robyn fan for a while !!

Yes, this History book on the shelf will always be repeating itself - Thankfully

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