Nov 30, 2008

The Return of the 'Disco Defenders'

One of the most exciting artists on the comeback trail is Alcazar as a three piece group.They began back in 1998 with Andreas Lundstedt Tess Merkel & Annika Kjaergaard & soon after had an international worldwide hit with "Crying in the Discoteque" 
The bands major success in their homeland came with Melodifestivalen 2003 when royal highness 'schlager' king himself Magnus Carlsson from Barbados joined Alcazar to make a 4 piece "Sinner nor a saint" The song finished 3rd  in MF yet became the public's favourite of that year as well as a massive No; 1 Gold selling single.This was followed by the suberb studio album 'Alcazaized' that perfectly shows the bands continued tribute to Disco dance sound of the 70's in a new modern way. More great singles followed "This is the world we live in" & "Start the fire" and another blast of disco stardust with "Alcastar"This was the bands song in Melodifestivalen 2005 once again finished 3rd place. Then in the autumn of 2005 the band announced they would take an Abba-style break to work on other solo projects. 
They had a massive hit with "We Keep on rockin" in 2008 in Sweden, Andeas & Tess are back with former MF star Lina Hedlund, alot like the original line up back in the late 90's.If the new song for MF 2009 "Stay the night" is anything like 'Keep on rockin' we could seeAlcazar pass the previous third placing record.... 
The glitter ball spins as we prepare to be 

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