Nov 10, 2008

FLASHBACK ALERT Song For Europe 1980

Following the excellent big NEWS from the ole BBC in UK that Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber will
be heading  a Tv Show to Search for a 'Eurovision Star' for Moscow 2009. 

Will it be like "The Cilla Black Show" of 1968 onwards ! with Sarah Brightman as his sexy co-host!! she could bring back her dance group Hot Gossip!!  

Just wishful thinkin'

As I am a Brit' Lad (Birmingham UK home of 1998 Eurovision Contest) 
from way back, I have been checking out the Best of 'Song For Europe' gems.
So I will be bringing you on this blog, the best & even the worst of England's Eurovision Pre-Selections. 
Perhapes even from the 70's & 80's before Videos came to be the norm. 

They was "TV Preview" Clips....
of winning local entry's from a lot of counry's in Europe . I found one from 1980
'Prima Donna' very typical of the Preview Clips of that time.

The band were Kate Robbins, Jane Robbins ( the wonderful) Sally Ann Triplett. Danny Finn Alan Coates and Lance Aston (who was "yes" Jay Aston  Fizzer's brother no less)
Lance Aston tried again to reach Eurovision final performing with a ex-New Seeker 
Kathryn Ann Rae in 1983 after Jay in Bucks Fizz  had won just 2 years before. The band was Audio with "Love on my mind" finished 4th in Song For Europe. 

Be sure check out this 1980 clip above.

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