Feb 12, 2015

Australia is a country buzzing with all the talk of 'Who will sing for us at Eurovision Song Contest 2015 ?.

Yes, I can report there is lots of talk on the streets ..all about just 'who' SBS will send over to Vienna. The wonderful spokes 'superwoman' Julia Zemiro had been on breakfast TV in fact to tell us that in fact SBS have no early indications as to who, it will be? she knows nothing...

My favorite rumour is Kylie Minogue who conveniently has a May break from her 'Kiss Me Once' world tour..and just what better way to promote your big 2015 tour, than a slot in Eurovision in May? All this said though,  Julia so rightly pointed out 'it can be, all about the right fit of an 'artist and the song'. So many times in Eurovision a great big artists have gone to the song contest (Olivia Newton John in 74) with just the wrong song..that's when it does not work.

Plus lets not forget Australia it is a song contest not an artist contest, that song needs the right hooks and some magic. A winning tune needs a real story to tell, be emotional and able to connect with all people personally. In Eurovision just the latest party anthem with glitter and a great groove- is not actually what wins..choice carefully SBS you may have just one shot at this.... but get it right and Euro-glory could be months away.

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