May 12, 2014

Congratulations to Austria's second historical Eurovision win for 2014

The Grand Final 2014 in copenhagen, what a fun tastic show and evening.
While 'Only Teardrops' in Malmo last year made the whole voting on the night very predicable
you could'nt say the same in 2014. In the end Austria's Conchita Wurst James Bond eque theme
'Rise Like Phoenix' scored a big 13 top 12 pointers around Europe.
More surprises as The Netherlands country-ballad ' Calm After The Storm' became an established runner -up, presenting a Dolly Parton Vs Fleetwood Mac style.
In fact The Common Linnets, have since raced into many European i-tune charts even ahead of the Austrian winner in some places? So they really seem to be a joint-winner and great news for a Eurovision country that failed to quailify for the final for 8 years running up until 2013.

So who is Conchita Wurst?, she was previously Tom Neuwirth-  and at 17 years old formed a boy band called Jetzt Anders! (Now Different)

called as part of TV talent quest Starmania . However Tom, decided following his continued discrimmination and experience growing up- It was time to make a statement to the whole world, and created singer/ drag artist  'Conchita Wurst', to make a statement that being different & what you look like is not important, as what is on the inside.

The rest has become Eurovision history.. in 2014,

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