Mar 2, 2014

Estonia's Eesti Laul final gave a very interesting Amazing' Result for 2014


If you are a regular to Schlagertunes blog you will know One of the countries I like to follow regularly is Estonia.
Estonia always seem to bring a accurate reflection of the national musicialy young talent of the time.
I guess this means Estonian music talent still see Eurovision as the best outlet for international
Exposure and success.

So in doing this they always seem to bring some quality musical treats for us at Eurovision.
Even through they tend to be abit alternative in the musical genre. but that's not a bad thing.
The entries from Estonia normally have an element of surprise each year.

So the Grand Final 2014 gave us, some regular favorites to the Eesti Laul competion with Lenna (Supernoova) and the band Traffic, I liked Traffic's offering 'Fur Elise' both these songs just missed out on qualifing for the super final Top 2. With Traffic in 3rd place, and Leena in 4th placing.

I really liked the comeback tune- from SandraNurmsalu of Urban Symphony fame (Eurovision 2009) so much so that I download the tune right away, however for the jury it must have got lost in transalation. As this song did not do well with the jury at all...however in Eestri Laul the public televote does not count very highly, and Sandra scored s 5th placing.

The interesting rock track of the evening was very popular from a band called ...
 wait for it... Super Hot Cosmo Blues Band, a band that sound and look like Iggy Pop doing Eurovision, however the song was really very caughty and likable 'Maybe-Maybe' as the Final scoreboard was alive with top points to the Super Hot Cosmo's it looked like they had the ticket to Copenhagen all covered. Good luck to them...

Eesti Laul 2014 Final Running order

Brigita Murutar "Laule täis taevakaar"
Traffic "Für Elise"
Norman Salumäe "Search"
Wilhelm "Resignal"
Lenna "Supernoova"
Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band "Maybe-Maybe"
Maiken "Siin või sealpool maad"
Kõrsikud "Tule ja jää"
Tanja "Amazing"
10 Sandra Nurmsalu "Kui tuuled pöörduvad"

Then in the final battle they got beaten by a new singer called Tanya and a song called 'Amazing' an up lifting dance track, and although the song is original Tanya did a performace that borrowed just alittle from Loreen. I can see a fair few compaisons between Tanya & Loreen in Copenhagen 2014.

 I for one think the song lives up to the title and is rather amazing -and I will tick the box marked 'Personal Favourite'
for Estonia (again) for 2014.


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