Mar 9, 2013

Crash Boom Bang- Lynda Woodruff is back for Melodifestivalen 2013 !

Well it came around so fast this year, the semi finals are over and last week's Second Chansen round brought us two finalist with the same hair! this is kind of ironic as Jedward made a guest appearence in the show.. That seems to create Sweden's own Jedward twins...with the results and winning singers

'I'm Robin, he's Anton 
and together we're 'Rob-ton' 

Yet separately these two songs from the twin starletts battling it out in saturday night's grand finale will add a limited sparkle. To what promises to be a actually rather dull song line-up of Melodifestivalen Final  2013.. This is the line up for Friends Arena'  

  1. Ulrik Munther - Tell the world I’m here
  2. David Lindgren - Skyline
  3. State of Drama - Falling
  4. Anton Ewald - Begging
  5. Louise Hoffsten - Only the dead fish follow the stream
  6. Ralf Gyllenhammar - Bed on fire
  7. Ravaillacz - En riktig jävla schlager
  8. Sean Banan - Copacabanana
  9. Robin Stjernberg - You
  10. YOHIO - Heartbreak hotel

But wait there is hope .... a couple of real Schlager Superstars will return for the show. Not of course in the Melodifestivalen competition but the most exciting news for us is the return of Lynda Woodruff aka Sarah Dawn Finer. Last year during Melodifestivalen in a real funny skit Sarah created Lynda.
A british host thrown into the EBU offices to put together an introduction of bakoo.
Lynda popped up again at Eurovision to present the votes of the swedish jury.
For Melodifestivalen final Lynda will return...we cannot wait to see the new skit.

Musically we can expect the long awauted return to Melo of Carola who will sing some of her many Melodifestivalen/Euroviison tunes that span almost 30 years (gulp)


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