Dec 10, 2011

Switzerland are about to get the Eurovision 2012 Party started- with a National Final

Not so many years ago- Switzerland had been known for making an internal selection for Eurovision with such
top artists like DJ Bobo, Paolo Meneguzzi & Vanilla Ninja Now Switzerland have begun a new tradition of having a National Final selection in early December- so being often the first country to make known their entry for Eurovision -5 months in advance. This certainly
has had the desired affect of creating lots of international interest in this first choice, even more so in 2011.
As the grand-mother of Eurovision Lys Assia is back
with a bold attempt to return after over 50 years away from the Eurovision stage. With a song written by non-other than Mr Grand-Prix Ralph Siegel himself.
This has created huge interest in the Tv Show due to take on 10th December 2011 at Bodensee Arena.

Lys Assia is remembered as the very first winner of Eurovision in 1956- with 'Refrain' but that's not all she came back 2 years running after her win- always to represent her homeland Switzerland. Lys came close to a 2nd win in Eurovision 1958 when Lys sang 'Giorgio'
was a runner up- This song for me was better than 'Refrain' as it had the fun popular Euro-charm that was to become the norm in later years at the Eurovision Song contest- but back in Eurovision 1958 Lys Assia was a trend setter on the European TV stage. (check this tune out above) Today Lys will be alot more traditional with this new entry and hope to create perhapes the kind of impact we saw from Patricia Kaas's entry of 2009- that gave France 8th place in the Final.

For 2012 Lys is up against 14 songs in the Swiss National Final yet Lyn is by far the favourite to win a place in Baku 2012. The song 'C'etait ma vie' will be sung as song 13 on the night- we certainly give Lys our full swiss 12 points
and hope this comeback dream becomes a reality.

See a SF Tv preview of the show 'here'

Whatever happens in the Swiss National Final it is the first song-step on the Road to Baku...

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