Oct 21, 2010

Sarah Lumholdt steps out after A*Teens for Melodifestivalen 2011

When Sarah former star of the A-Teens group left the spotlight in 2006. She had enjoyed 8 years with the famous Swedish Pop band -who brough to life old Abba hits. Long before Mamma Mia -The Musical and since then Sarah has kept away from the limelight' She needed a long break from the constant Travel & hussle of the music industry.

Then suddenly this week the news broke Sarah will be in Melodifestivalen, in fact the press found Sarah at her day job at an Top advertising agency. This Agency may need a new employee

-if the song 'Enemy' leads to a new solo career for Sarah. The song is said to be very Radio freindly The song written by Niclas Lundin and Anton MalmberIf is not a ballad or up- tempo with a Rock/R & B feel.

It's been some years now since Sarah performed in A*Teens so she confessed it will be a nervous time to comeback to such a huge audience. Yet she is craving to return back to the World of Swed Pop right now.

There are rumours that Marie Serneholt is keen to return to Melodifestivalen. After her great tune 'Disconnect Me' in Mf 2009. Could this mean a head-to-head battle at Melodifestivalen of both the A*Teen girls- that could be interesting Melodifestivalen battle?

Fun times -Marie & Sarah in an A*Teens Music Clip