Jul 14, 2010

Rasmus Seebach- a Sensation in Sweden this summer

single -happy again

I have already posted some details of Rasmus, having been listening

lots to his great debut CD it certainly deserves a second mension. Last christmas

in homeland Denmark it gave Susan Boyle's CD a run for the money in Sales, and

now this album is making a mark on the swedish charts even thu its sung in danish.

Here is some words from Rasmus on his debut hit..

It is an incredibly honest record. I try not to hit any particular genre or style,

but I write songs from my life, about things that matter to me.

So I hope people find it interesting and that my songs can arouse true feelings in people. "

It all began with the single, 'Angel', which has stormed radio and charts over the

summer 09 and has so marked Rasmus on the musical map of Denmark

- including when he scored his first number one.

It should certainly be no secret that Rasmus comes from a musical family.

And about having to live up to Tommy Seebach voice and musicality says Rasmus:

"It is of course difficult to avoid being compared with my father.

I am incredibly proud of what my father achieved in his long career,

and I would be happy if only

I could get a fraction of all the musical experiences that he has had. "

Rasmus continues, "I am sure my father would be proud of the album

Nico (his brother) and I've made, and I am sure he enjoys himself just

up there and hums with our new songs."

when he sings the track 'Det Jeg Er' (It is Me ) a tribute to Tommy

with the lyrics - "It took me 29 years, but I get it now -

now I've done, Just like you said when you told me- Sing kid, just sing

- and I do so. "

"But now I sing most, because I cannot help it" adds Rasmus Seebach.

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