May 29, 2010

Sweden's is in crisis as they miss the first Eurovision Song Contest since 1976 !!

18 year old Anna Bergendahl has become the first swedish artist EVER not to make the
Eurovision Song Contest final after winning Melodifestivalen 2010.
Re-actions in countries like Finland Netherlands & Denmark have been "Hello Sweden- welcome to our world"
Yet poor young Anna has been very brave you
can see her sorrow in her eyes as Denmark's song "In a moment like this' took the remaining
Grand Final place in the second semi final.
Many critics & Euro fans have expressed how 'average' the Denmark entry is this year. I do
normally love most things that come out of Denmark for Eurovision. In 2010 I was very
disapointed with the danes choice for 2010. This does not mean the song will not do very well. It is after all
placed as the last song to sing that place in previous years has been the kiss of very sweet success.
If you ask me Anna's 'This is my life' is so much better and between these two tunes
Sweden wins for me anytime. Its just Eurovision fate, you win some you lose some- there is
always nexy year. Plus Fredrik Kempe has wrote an amazing classic tune for Norway
'My heart is Yours' this we can be so happy with..cheer up swedes all is not lost.

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