Jan 17, 2010

MELODIFESTIVAL 2010 Running Order for 4 Semi- Final's starting 6th February, 2010.

And so let the competions begin, SchTunes has been away on a short Festive break
now we are back- with heaps EuroNews to report. Along with the running order,
SVT have made some changes
again to Mf 2010. Gone is that international jury! from 2009. Now in a bold new step, the 11 regional juries always used to make up the Final vote. The 11 juries will be made up of
five will be swedish and six international. These new juries will be made up from all over Europe, then 50%
of the votes will remain the same from swedish public as in previous years.

Here is the running order starting out with Ola and closing with Peter Joback;
looks like a case of "Lets here it for the boys" in 2010.

Semifinal 1 - Örnsköldsvik, 6 February

1. Unstoppable -Ola

2. A place to stay -Jenny Silver

3. You're Making Me Hot-Hot-Hot -Linda Pritchard

4. Road Salt -Pain Of Salvation

5. The Saviour -Anders Ekborg

6. I Did It For Love -Jessica Andersson

7. Singel -Frispråkarn

8. Keep On Walking -Salem Al Fakir

Semifinal 2 - Sandviken, 13 February

1. Manboy - Eric Saade

2. Hippare Hoppare -Andra generationen & Dogge

3. Innan alla ljusen brunnit ut - Anna Maria Espinosa

4. Come and Get Me Now -Highlights

5. Sucker For Love - Pauline

6. We Can Work It Out -Andreas Johnson

7. Underbart -Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän

8. Manipulated -Hanna Lindblad

Semifinal 3 - Gothenburg, 20 th February

1. Headlines -Alcazar

2. Tonight - Johannes Bah Kuhnke

3. Doctor Doctor -Elin Lanto

4. Hur kan jag tro på kärlek -Erik Linder

5. Yeba - Getty Domein

6. Kom -Timoteij

7. You're Out Of My Life -Darin

8. Heaven Or Hell - Crucified Barbara

Semifinal 4 - Malmö, 27 February

1. Stop - Sibel

2. Magisk stjärna-Py Bäckman

3. Human Frontier -NEO

4. Thursdays -Lovestoned

5. This Is My Life - Anna Bergendahl

6. Jag vill om du vågar -Pernilla Wahlgren

7. Idiot -Noll disciplin

8. Hollow -Peter Jöback

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