Nov 6, 2009

A1 take on Norway's Melodi Grand Prix 2010

Christian from A1

A1 the boyband are set for a comeback in Decemeber with some comeback concerts at the Christiania Theater in Oslo. Now it has also been confirmed they will be competing in
Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2010. Certainly they will be hot favourites to win. Christian Ingebrigtsen is from Siggerud, Oslo, Norway and with Brit boys Ben Adams & Mark Read, they are the three original band members, Paul Marazzi was the fourth member back in 1999, who quit the band
back in 2002. Shortly after this the band broke-up.
Since then Ben Adams has been part of Celebrity Big Brother. While Christian had a successful solo album in Norway in 2003 'Take Back Yesterday'

Christian wrote one of the best MGP entry's in 2008- 'Eastern Wind' sung by Torstein Sodal- Let's hope he will do the same for A1 in 2010.

They had big success in the U K charts with two number #1s and eight top 10 hits, including a great version of A-ha's 'Take on Me'. In fact they did better in UK than in Norway.They won "British Breakthrough Act" at Brit Awards 2001. Plus A1's manager is Tim Byrne, who was responsible for Steps UK success!

-Here is a photo shoot for Norway's own Red Nose Day recently, and new single 'Take you home' playing during their Tea break- bless...


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