May 25, 2009

Just What does Sweden need to get back on Top? A new-Look Sanna ?

Once again Sweden's result in Eurovision 2009 - Is opening a whole new debate
in Stockholm. Last year Charlotte Perrelli's ever popular 'Hero' finished a low 18th place ( 47 points )
For 2009 an world class opera singer Malena Ermann was very much the public's choice at Mf.
Yet the classic popera song 'La Voix' made only a 21st place ( 33 points )
The Melodifestivalen each year brings the very best of Swedish industry can offer for the international
stage, this year even with an international jury. The swedes are asking again what went wrong?

Eurovision is never any easy contest to win. Yet the ole days when the best song wins are over, today
of course you want still the best tune. Plus the very Best Top Performer ( and Mf found that with Malena this year )
also a show stopping performance that is better than anything else. Come on Sweden you have the talent
& some great song writers just rewind Mf 2009 see again-Velvet's 'The Queen' & Lili & Susie 'Show me Heaven'
or even Maria Haukaas & Anna Sahlene 'Killing me Tenderly' lets not ignore what Swedes are best at. Does anything really need fixing?

What if the luvly
Sanna Neilson comes back, remember 'Empty Room' in 2008. In case you are wondering
Where is Sanna? We asked the same and found she is this week doing a major new Abba Tribute Show at
Berwaldhallen, Stockholm .Check out a little preview- in the interview clip below- as she sings 'Thank you for the music'

We just Luv Sanna - Your Country Needs You, comeback to Melodifestivalen soon?

Thanks to eventfoto TV for clip

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