Dec 9, 2008

Maria Haukaas Storeng & Anna Sahlene -Could this be a Duet to Die for ?

The Swedish Press & Euro Blogs are alive today, with the rumour that in the next round of Melodifestivalen artists revealed The song "Killing me tenderly" (which was supposed to be sung by Elin Lanto) and the story is that Norwegian Idol Star from 2008 will comeback to sing for Sweden with Anna Sahlene.
This sounds the perfect winning combination, something like the 1985 winning group Bobbysocks' Elizabeth Andreassen, a native swed joined Hanne Krogh to represent Norway & win ESC with 'La Det Swinge'
Marie amazed everyone this year in Belgrade with her 'Hold On be Strong' coming 5 th in ESC 2008. Since then this song has made many European chart lists, in Sweden this tune was still strong in the Top 20 back in August, when many other Eurovision hero's had left the charts.
Meanwhile Anna is a big favourite contestant who has sang in Mf , and sang for Estonia at ESC with "Runaway" in 2002, she came 3rd. In 2006 "This Woman" was sung and wrote by Anna Sahlene for Melodifestivalen. Althrough the song failed to make the final. It went on to be a large Radio hit in Australia! as well as homeland Sweden, The clip for This Woman is posted above.

Let's all cross out fingers, and ask ole Santa Christer to bring us this
small xmas treat?

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PopGoesCanberra said...

If "radio hit" = popular on one radio station in one city.